My Retired Paint Horse Dakota

I am a photographer but, this post is about my horse Dakota, I wanted you to meet him. Dakota is a 26 year old paint horse that I have had since I was 16. I am now 42 years old. Dakota, now lives on a 400 acre farm in Angeles, South Carolina.    

Dakota at one time was a great cutting horse my family farm, used for herding cattle and rounding horses. He is getting older and now is used to graze in our pasture. As a kid Dakota was my Barrel racing and competition partner. A few years ago he was retired to our pasture to just be, as he spends his days eating grass and hay.. He is definitely slowing down but, still I love to visit my old faithful friend. Here are a few images I captured of him. Like people horses grow older as well. Now, his new love is just eating grass, rolling in the hay, and relaxing in the pasture with the other horses.

I have an love for horses and their companionship, horses do love their humans. I always greet this horse with a rub on his head and he nuzzles me at my elbow. In the small town that Dakota lives often he is greeted by vistors with his favorite treats apples and carrots.  Our company is enjoyed on each visit.  

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