Our studio has a $300 session fee.

The session fee includes two services:

• The first service is the portrait itself. The photographer and professional animal handler will work one on one with you and your pets in the studio or a on location session to create your portraits. This includes the use of all of our props, backgrounds, and posing aids. It’s a lot of fun and can be a little crazy! This usually takes about 1 - 3 hours, depending on the pets.

• And second is "The Big Reveal" You do not have to come back in for this, 10-15 minutes after we are done making the portraits in the studio, you will be able to view the proof images. Our expert portrait designer will help you select your most favorite portraits and help to design custom artwork for your home. This also takes about an hour so we say come in expecting to spend about 3 hours with us!

Those two amazing services are what are included in our session fee of $300.

We create heirloom wall art pieces, Albums, and Folio Boxes, such as custom framed prints and canvases, or a beautful album for you to enjoy for years to come. Individual prints start at $75 or Matted prints begin at $150, and finished-ready-to-display wall art pieces start at about $750 and go up to $4500, Albums and Folio begin at $900 some clients choose to invest much more to get exactly what they want. All of our artwork presentations are archival and designed to last at least 150 years. That way, these portraits will be bringing joy to your life for many, many years to come.