Preparing For Your Equestrian Photoshoot:

What to Wear Tips:

As you are planning your outfits for the session, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you look and feel your best in front of the camera.

• Dress in clothing you feel good in and are comfortable wearing.

• Clothes should be simple, avoiding very bold patterns with contrasting colors or tones.

• Choose ivory over pure white, as white draws the attention away from your face. And keep in mind, lighter colors are more difficult to keep clean around horses!

• Loose fitting clothing will allow more movement and will be more flattering when seated.

• Wear a neutral or skin-toned bra. If you wear a cami under your outfit, choose a coordinating or neutral color.

• Shirts with sleeves are usually more flattering than those without.

• Make sure your clothing is free of wrinkles.

You Want To Be Photographed in A Dress :

This is for women and girls. You want to be Photographed with your beautiful horse and yourself in a dress. Not just any dress one that makes you feel Magical, Glamorus, Beautiful, Confident, Modern, and Contemporary. I promise you won't regret this decision. Below are some examples, I recommend websites such as etsy, rent the runway, or a fun boutique you love that is local. Its always great to support a local business. You want this shot almost all of my clients in the past have bought the dream portrait of a girl and her beautiful horse. For Gentlemen: During a equestrian gentlemen look best in smart jeans dark in color is best if your going more casual. If you are a dressage or english rider breeches, inner leg pants, or jodhpurs look great for bottoms. Men look great in a fitted button down shirt, a vest, or a show jacket. If your a western rider a cowboy look will also look nice hats, boots, and chaps can make a great edition to your shoot. Shoes should be boots with a heel that do not get tangled in your stirrups in case of a fall.

Hair + Makeup:

I want you to look like YOU in your photos, so I recommend you keep your hair and makeup simple and natural. • Get your hair cut and colored at least two weeks before the session so it has time to grow out a little and look like your normal style.

• I recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done just for you. You deserve to be pampered.

• Use a good foundation and powder to give your skin a smooth, matte look.

• Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. Adding a little drama to your everyday look can help your features stand out.

• Fill in your brows or have them waxed by a esthetician. If they are visible and even, it will bring attention to your beautiful eyes.

• Use waterproof makeup if your session is going to be during warm weather months. Airbrush makeup is best in hot humid weather.

• If possible, apply your makeup in natural light so you can see how it will look in the photos.

• Skip the glitter and sparkle, they can react to the light in strange ways.

• Bring lip balm or gloss to keep your lips from looking too dry.

• Just before the session, dab a little concealer on any noticeable blemishes.

• Keep a towel handy during the session in case your horse accidentally “slimes” you.

Preparing Your Horse For A Photoshoot:

I want your horse to look great and be in a great state of mind for the session. Here is how you can make that happen. • Ask a friend or family member to help you with your horse at the session. • Bathe your horse and use some shine spray. Avoid excessive oil around the eyes and muzzle. • Clean all tack you will use in the photos. If you plan to use a halter, please use a lead rope that is leather, black or a muted color. A bridle can also be used in place of a halter. • In the weeks leading up to the session, brush up on your ground work and make sure your horse is willing to stand still next to you for a few minutes and can be easily positioned. • Exercise your horse the day of the session. If they are bathed and placed in a stall for hours before we start, they will be less likely to stand calmly next to you. • If your session is in the fall and your horse has started to grow a light winter coat, blanket the night before to lay the hair down. • Make sure everyone involved in the photo session are well fed and hydrated. • Apply lots of fly spray and keep it handy! Dress in clothing you feel good in and are comfortable wearing.

At The Session:

Here are a few simple tips to make the session go smoothly. • Stay calm and positive no matter how your horse behaves during the session. If you get nervous or upset, it may cause them to do the same. Keep in mind I am a horse owner too and I have a lot of patience with all types of equine behaviors. • In order to keep the horse’s attention on us, it’s best not to let them eat grass or treats during the session. • Horses tend to circle in front of their handler in order to get out of standing in place. This can turn into a lunging session before you know it! If this happens, quietly back your horse into place. • If I have you in a certain pose, and your horse turns in to interact with you, feel free to break the pose and respond to them. • Most of all, remember to have fun! The more relaxed and positive you can be during the session, the better the results Use this checklist leading up to the session to make the most of our time together: Choose your outfits and accessories Invite a friend or family member to help with the session Brush up on ground work with my horse Decide which tack to use and make it shine Exercise my horse so they are a little tired and more cooperative Give my horse a spa treatment- Bath, ( if you haven't already), massage, beamer, clip, shine, smooch. Treat myself and my horse to a meal, snacks, and water. Gather fly spray, towel, makeup, hairspray, water bottle, and anything else you might need during the session and put it in ONE EASY CARRY TOTE."