Do you specialize in a certain type of photography?

Yes! Equestrian photography is our speciality. If you've seen our work, you'll notice that everything we do seems to have a feeling attached to it. Our goal with every type of session we do is to capture the personality of those we are photographing, weather they are horses or the relationships between people or animals.

How is your pricing structured?

We are a full-service boutique studio. What this means is that we put a lot of time and creative effort into each and every session and therefore have a limited number we offer each week.

Session Fee:$250.

When do I see my images?

Following your photo session we will give your images a careful edit, then 1-2 weeks later you will join us in our studio for a proofing and purchasing session. For most clients, this is their favorite part of the process You'll view your images in a slideshow, narrow down to favorites, and choose products that will best showcase your must-have portraits! This is a relaxed and easy process where you can look at samples and we can even show you what your images would look like on your own walls. You won't be pressured in any way. We are here to be your creative collaborator.

What do most people purchase?

Clients come to us for Wall Art, we offer both Canvas and Hand Painted Portraits, Fine Art Portraits, and a Deckled Print. Your Canvases have the option of being wrapped or framed. Folio Boxes, and Albums are a beautiful addition to your home, clients definitely love these items. Whether a single portrait or a grouping of images, clients will use their favorite images to create beautiful framed portraits, folio boxes, and albums. They will then select the rest of their favorites to place in either a folio box or album.

Do you sell digital files?

Yes. Any portrait purchased in the form of a physical product will receive the edited, high resolution digital file for free.*

* Digital files are handled differently for branding and commercial purposes. Contact us to discuss details.