Hello Friends,

I am heather. I am fortunate to do something I love and that is photography.  Horses are my primary subject I enjoy capturing.  My style embodies understanding of light and capturing emotional connections.  I strive to document stories of those unique bonds and moments between you and your horse.  My photography focus is equestrian and I have been fortunate enough to travel documenting the love clients and farms have for their horses.  I live in Charleston, SC, but often travel to Camden, Aiken, Greenville, North Carolina, Georgia and beyond.   I am a mom to my son Jacob, my dog max, and my horse Gatsby who is an OTTB  (Off The Track Thoroughbred).  My goal at every session is to document what it means to love a horse.  As a lifelong equestrian, I understand the deep love for these unique animals.  My experience working with horses allows me to be in a safe and relaxed environment among clients and their horses.