About Me:

Hello I am glad you are here.  I  grew up of failing in love with these beautiful animals. I started riding at age 5 and I never stopped.   My name is Heather Johnson a lifelong lover of horses, rider, horse owner, and Photographer.  As my dad owned a farm growing up as I inherited his love for horses.  I am a semi-grown up that never grew out of my horse crazy phase, Who always just wanted to photograph horses. Just a little about me, things I love are  coffee, Mexican Food and red wine; places surrounded by water are always fun, and I always have time for fun people.  I have 2 dogs named Bentley and Max;  one horse named Gatsby, and a son named Jacob.  

After I bought my 1st horse, I knew equine photography was going to be my craft.  I wanted to focus my  business on: horse shows, owner/horse portraits, and fine are portraits of horses. Whether you need images for a magazine ad or just want beautiful framed prints or images to show off on social media , your session is custom tailored to your needs.  Most of all I want to give you beautiful timeless, portraits of you and your horse.